Thursday, January 19, 2017

Recipients of my volunteer grants in 2016

It was an awesome feeling to redeem 15 volunteer grants (of $250 ea for every 10 hrs.) issued by Adobe Corporate Responsibility Team as a reward for my volunteer work in 2016! A tough target for myself to meet in 2017.

Majority of these grants came from my work for the Cambodia volunteer project organized by Team4Tech, sponsored by Adobe, which was a great learning experience in itself, others from my personal volunteer work at local non-profits and some that were organized at Adobe locations. I have to admit that a big motivation for my volunteer work has been this reward and I find it very satisfying to be able to contribute to causes that I am passionate about. This in my opinion, the best perk of working here (in addition to the donation matches). I hope more employers follow along. 

Much bigger is the effort of these amazing non-profits that I dedicated my grants to:

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, getting the "elephant share" of the grants! They do an amazing work of fostering orphaned elephant babies which is very heart breaking to learn about, and reintegrating them back to the wild, some of them even visit them with babies of their own, help with anti-poaching, veterinary assistance for elephants and much more for the protection of elephants, rhinos and other wildlife in Kenyan wilderness.

Photo courtesy, David Sheldrick Wildlife trust.

Serengeti Foundation (of the famed Elephant Nature Park in Thailand)

American Bird Conservancy

National Audubon Society

Ocean Conservancy

The Marine Mammal Center

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Amazon Conservation Association

Friends of Children's Eternal Rainforest of Children’s Eternal Rainforest, Monteverde, Costa Rica

All these non-profits have a high ranking on a Charity Navigator and/or have amazing programs for conservation of endangered species. I heartily recommend these organizations to anyone considering donating or gifting!

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